The Classical Acts & Facts series from Classical Conversations

Memorization of core facts provides critical memory work pieces, or "pegs," for later in-depth studies of science, art, and history. The pegs in the Classical Acts & Facts series will serve as lifelong references for students of art, science, history, and culture.

Each card front contains a beautiful memory peg image chosen to serve families all the way through middle and high school. These high quality 5˝x 8˝ cards contain a comprehensive set of grammar pegs that relate to Foundations memory work all the way through our Challenge programs. Made to last throughout your homeschooling years, these heavy- weight cards are already laminated and have rounded corners to reduce wear from frequent handling.

How to Use These Cards

Students can begin by memorizing only the titles of the Classical Acts & Facts cards. Parents can build their child's knowledge by reading the text on the back of the cards or by reading additional stories about the events and people represented. As older students flesh out their understanding of these subjects, they can read and summarize the information contained on the back of the cards. Families and classes can complete additional research by referring to our comprehensive bibliographies.

Correlation with the Classical Conversations Foundations Program

The Classical Acts & Facts series is designed to support the memory work taught in the Classical Conversations Foundations Program, a complete K4-6th grade curriculum that allows parents to provide a classical education at home and in weekly communities nationwide. (Visit to learn more.)

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