Classical Music for Dummies, second edition

Classical Music for Dummies, second edition


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Do you get nervous when your friends start talking about going to the symphony because you can't distinguish between Beethoven and Bach? Do your palms begin to sweat when someone suggests that you choose the music to listen to during dinner? Have you always been fascinated with the brilliant sounds of classical music, but don't know the difference between a violin and a viola?

Classical Music For Dummies is a down-to-earth guide that will help you get the most out of classical music right from the start. Whether you're interested in attending concerts in your hometown, buying great classical recordings, or just being able to talk about the subject intelligently, this is the book for you! Please note: The second edition does not come with a CD, but has instructions for listening to musical tracks online.
Inside, you'll discover how to:

  • Distinguish the different styles and genres of classical music from around the world.
  • Attend a live concert in style with tips for sitting in the right place, wearing the right clothes, and more.
  • Read and understand sheet music.
  • Listen for the influences of tempo, dynamics, and orchestration.
  • Understand the different sounds made by the orchestra -- from violins and cellos to trombones.
  • Build a fabulous classical music library no matter what your tastes.
  • Locate great classical music sites and chat groups on the World Wide Web.

  • Synopsis
    Excellent either for getting you started from scratch or heightening an appreciation already in place, this in-depth guide will make going to concerts, listening to recordings, or even just talking about classical music infinitely more enjoyable.
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