The Conversation

The Conversation


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Why do so many families stop homeschooling when their children reach high school? Why, when young adults are mature enough to apply their knowledge and communicate wisely, do we emphasize silence, lectures, and multiple-choice tests?

In The Conversation, her third book on classical, home-centered education, Leigh Bortins looks back on thirty years of homeschooling as she makes a compelling case for parents to stay the course through high school and experience the rich conversations that emerge during the rhetoric stage of learning.

  • Conversations strengthen and unify the family.
  • Conversations provide accountability for the good habits thatmake learning possible.
  • Conversations enliven the academic content that guidesstudents to become virtuous adults.

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    Lynn from "This Day Has Great Potential" says this about The Conversation:

    "This 267-page softcover book is a textbook and a devotional and a planning guide that directs you to explore the world through conversations with your family while looking for beauty and truth and goodness together. It has truly ignited a passion within me to be a better teacher by being a better learner....Seriously, where has this book been all of my life?" Read more

    Read more from these Schoolhouse Review Crew bloggers!

    ReviewCrewFrom Cheryl Pitt: “...if you are a Classical homeschooler, even a little bit, you NEED this book. It does a fabulous job of dispelling the idea that this style of learning is simply memorization, it’s so much more. It gives you hope for homeschooling the high school years and the road map to quality conversations with your children.” Read more

    ReviewCrewFrom "His Treasure Seekers": “I learned so much about the classical method from reading The Conversation. I had never heard of the five canons, but as I read about them I found myself looking back over my own education and realizing how helpful it would have been to have those concepts put into such terms. The whole process made so much sense, and I felt like I was finally finding words for things I had intrinsically understood during my school years.” Read more

    ReviewCrewFrom Leah at “As We Walk Along the Road”: “In several different places the author addresses what happens after graduation. And I found myself encouraged. So many times I stress about credits and transcripts and testing and honors classes—all those things that people ask me about and make me question whether or not I can really pull off this homschooling high school thing. The author gives some specific information about how to consider these concerns, and she emphasizes doing what's best for your child and not just following along with something that everyone else seems to be doing.” Read more

    "Classical Conversations at Home" blogger Beth Watson writes:

    "Over the past couple weeks, I had the great opportunity to read a preview copy of The Conversation by Leigh Bortins. I really don’t think I’m overstating when I unequivocally tell you, you should read this book! In the grammar stage with your littles? Read this book — it will fuel your excitement for the future! In the dialectic stage? Read this book – it will prepare you for what’s coming next! In the rhetoric stage? Read this book – it will support and exhort you! Not sure you even want to homeschool your children through high school? Read this book – it will answer questions and give you more to consider. Excited to homeschool your children through high school? Read this book – you will love hearing the tales from her direct experience and can create your own road map for being prepared." Read more


    Free Sample: Chapter 2

    Complete your own trivium trilogy (The Core, The Question, and The Conversation) this summer!

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