FOUNDATIONS Homeschool Curriculum Resources (K4 to 6th Grade)

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Have you been looking for a complete and practical grammar program to implement in your home school? The Foundations Guide contains the foundational grammar curriculum that busy homeschool parents have come to value so highly. This is the curriculum used nation-wide by hundreds of Foundations Community families and hundreds of other families that are recovering the lost tools of learning through rediscovery of the classical model learning stages of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

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"You have to keep in mind the classical approach and what we're really doing. We're trying to give our children the tools of learning, and that tool of learning that we're focusing [on] in that Foundations program is the tool of memory, and training the brain to retain. And that is the goal for your child. It is not, necessarily, important that they memorize and are able to recite every single item of the memory work every week. Especially if you as the mom are getting all stressed, ("Oh my word, we're not getting this!") and there's tears, and frustration, and it's not fun, and the child is beginning to feel like a failure, then we're losing out on that greater vision of training the brain to retain and learning that skill. And it's a learned skill, and it doesn't come immediately. And so as you practice that skill, as every week we start all over again, this is a new week, and we have new memory work. Every week as you work on that skill, it will come. It really will. Most of us as parents did not have the kind of education we want to give our children. It's very difficult to give to somebody else something that you did not receive. And so it takes work and it takes a shift of thinking on mom's part, because this is not what we all learned. The type of education we want to give our children is something that was frowned upon when we were growing up. If you did memory work, if you had to copy something, or recite something, it was because you were being punished. This was something that you were going to be made to do! But memory work is the foundation of all learning. Just take it slowly and be encouraging and know that it will come. It will come with practice, and just steadily improve every week, and you'll be amazed at the end, you really will." --Angela

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