IEW TWSS2-D Syllabus, DVD & Premium Content

IEW TWSS2-D Syllabus, DVD & Premium Content


Price : $189.00

Newly updated TWSS. Seminar will be newly recorded and will include a Primary Student Workshop DVD, English and Spanish subtitles, and Premium Content. Includes updated TWSS Seminar Workbook. IEW is offering an upgrade program for your customers who have previously purchased TWSS-D.

Premium Content subscription allows you access to the following for one year from the date of activation:

  • streaming video of the entire Teaching Writing: Structure and Style teacher training course, providing instruction on the nine structural models and multiple stylistic techniques (14 hours total viewing time—may be watched all at once, or viewed one disc at a time throughout the school year)
  • streaming video of sample Student Workshops at four different grade levels to help you with that first lesson
  • free access to our monthly training webinars, August through Mayaudio MP3 downloads of Andrew Pudewa’s most popular conference talksseveral PDF downloads content updated annually in July
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