Saxon 8/7 Homeschool Kit, third edition

Saxon 8/7 Homeschool Kit, third edition


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Practice the four operations of math with fractions, decimals, percentages, and more!

AudienceGrade 7; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge A
AccessibilityMost students will require help
AuthorJohn Saxon
Publication Date2004 (third edition)

General Description

Saxon Math 8/7 is made up of five instructional components: Facts Practice and Problem Solving, Daily Lessons, Daily Practice, Daily Problem Sets, and Cumulative Tests. Investigations, which are activity-based variations of the daily lessons, are distributed throughout the text. Daily problem-solving exercises further augment student skills. The textbook contains no answers, but an answer key is provided for all homework problems. Math 8/7 emphasizes concepts and skills necessary for success in upper-level mathematics courses, including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, perimeter, circumference, area, volume, exponents, scientific notation, signed numbers, and problem-solving techniques using word problems.

What is included in the Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit?

  • Textbook: including practice questions and problem sets (sometimes referred to as assignment questions)
  • Homeschool Packet: answers to the tests, lesson practice questions, and problem sets
  • Test Forms (inserted inside the homeschool packet booklet)
  • Solutions Manual

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