Math Curriculum

Classical Conversations endorses Saxon math as a complete K-12 Curriculum. No curriculum is ever perfect, but Saxon has the history and statistics to prove that it can take a home schooled student through Algebra II and even beyond without the guidance of an expert math teacher.

We suggest you think about where you want your math curriculum to take your student. Can it take your child beyond what you can teach?

The Bortins family uses all of Saxon as our skeleton and intertwines other curriculums as each child needs either refreshment or more practice. We use pretty much everything out there but use Saxon to keep us on track.

As engineers with two totally home schooled boys studying engineering in college, we know Saxon works for our family. Our younger boys know the Saxon system and enjoy their math lessons. Our children have many different learning styles, yet Saxon has equipped all of them well.

Also, take a look at the other tools we offer to help make math more interesting and teachable.

To help you assess where to place your student in the Saxon curriculum, go to for placement tests.

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