CC PreScripts® Cursive Passages and Illuminations: American Documents

CC PreScripts® Cursive Passages and Illuminations: American Documents


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Discover the beauty in American documents

AudienceAges 10 and up; recommended for at-home use by Classical Conversations Foundations students in Cycle 3, Challenge I students, and Challenge III students
AccessibilityThe workbook guides students, allowing them to work independently
PreparationNone required
Ease of useAll cursive excerpts are double-spaced, leaving room for students to write between the lines, plus plenty of space for illuminated lettering
Page Count146
FormatSpiral bound consumable workbook
Publication Date2013

General Description

With this workbook, students refine their cursive penmanship by copying longer passages taken from formative American documents and speeches like the Mayflower Compact, The Apologia of Christopher Columbus, and Captain John Smith’s A Description of New England. In addition to cursive writing, students practice the lost medieval art of illumination. In the end, each student's copybook becomes a beautiful work of art.

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