Saxon 7/6 Homeschool Kit - 4th Edition

Saxon 7/6 Homeschool Kit - 4th Edition


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Math 7/6 helps improve preparation for high school math by introducing concepts your child will need for upper-level algebra and geometry, including circumference and pi, angles, coordinate graphing, and prime factorization. Copyright: 2005

What does the Math 7/6 Kit contain?

  • 1) Student Book Customized for homeschooling, Investigations and an Illustrated Glossary, 120 Lessons: Each daily lesson includes warm-up activities, teaching of the new concept, and practice of new and previous material, two-color format, 744 pages.
  • 2) Tests and Worksheets Booklet Testing schedule and 23 cumulative tests, Worksheets for one student for one year, including Facts Practice Tests and Activity Sheets, Various recording forms for tracking student progress on assignments and tests.
  • 3) Solutions Manual Full step-by-step solutions to all lesson and investigation problems, full step-by-step solutions to the 23 cumulative tests, answers to supplemental practice problems and facts practice problems.
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