SCRIBBLERS Homeschool Curriculum Resources (K4 to 3rd Grade)


Play, Play, Play!
Go outside. Enjoy this time with your little ones. Don’t rush to start formal schooling.
“If we loved children… we would want them as children, and would love the wonder with which they behold the world, and would hope that some of it might open our eyes a little. We would love their games, and would want to play them once in a while, stirring in ourselves those memories of play that no one regrets...”
–Anthony Esolen, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child

What is Scribblers?

The Scribblers at-home program is a list of recommended at-home resources and activities for children ages four to eight. It is not a community or tuition-based program. Scribblers products give parents practical tools and support for fostering a love of learning in their youngest children while also providing hands-on activities to keep them engaged as parents teach their older students. Although families have the flexibility to choose programs that fit their own learning styles and interests, these recommended resources help hone fine motor skills, develop basic literacy, reinforce Foundations memory work, and teach children about truth, goodness, and beauty. While some of these products will come from publishers you already know and trust, we also include our very own copy-work books and resources based on content your children will be memorizing in Foundations and using in Essentials and Challenge.

*These products are optional recommended resources for children ages 4 to 8.

FAQs Click here to read more about the Scribblers Program

FAQsClick here to read the Scribblers FAQs

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