CC Science Lab Journal

CC Science Lab Journal


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Create a keepsake with this beautiful notebook.

AudienceHigh school students; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenges I–IV, but fitting for younger students as well
Ease of useTakes the confusion out of writing lab reports and taking notes
Page Count122
FormatSpiral bound consumable workbook
Publication Date2015

General Description

Inspire your high school students to develop strong observation and data recording skills with this beautiful lab notebook. This lab book is intended to be used during actual labs to record procedures, collect data, and sketch observations from microscopes. It provides lined pages for recording lab procedures and observations, and quadrille-ruled pages for recording data, making charts, and creating drawings. A reference section in the back makes it easy to double-check unit conversions as needed or verify commonly used formulas. Also included is a timeline of famous scientists, the periodic table, the scientific method chart, and more. A ruler on the back cover makes it easy to be accurate during labs.

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