Traditional Logic Text

Traditional Logic Text


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Revisit the study of formal logic from a new perspective

AudienceGrades 7¬–12; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II
AccessibilityChallenging; some students will require help, designed specifically for the student and tutor with no logic background
Ease of useClearly written and structured
AuthorMartin Cothran
Page Count138
FormatPaperback, consumable workbook
Publication Date2000

General Description

Traditional Logic, Book I: Introduction to Formal Logic is an in-depth study of the classical syllogism. Along with a basic understanding of the Christian theory of knowledge, the text presents the four kinds of logical statements, the four ways propositions can be opposed, the three ways in which they can be equivalent, and the seven rules for the validity of syllogisms. This comprehensive but easy-to-use course includes both text and key and can be used as either a one-semester or one-year course.

Click the links below to listen to Leigh's 2010 chat with Martin Cothran.

Part 1
Part 2

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