CC Trivium Tables®: Debate

CC Trivium Tables®: Debate


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Eight laminated panels fold to fit easily into a notebook. Watch formal debate come alive for your students as they master best practices for conducting research, outlines of full policy and Lincoln-Douglas debates, and tips for thinking on your feet and responding to cross-examination questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trivium Tables®: Debate?

Trivium Tables: Debate was created in response to the needs of our Challenge students. Because debate is a new discipline for many students and often for directors as well, Trivium Tables: Debate condenses the grammar novice debaters will need to know into one easy reference that will serve them well at home, in class, or on the go.

The panels cover both team policy debate and Lincoln-Douglas debate. They include the correct forms (order of speeches and speakers), a glossary, and assessment tools, as well as instructions and tips for cross examination, rebuttals, and researching evidence.

What are the physical dimensions of Trivium Tables: Debate?

As with all Trivium Tables, this product has eight laminated panels folded accordion style. It is 8 3/8˝ x 10 7/8˝ to fit easily into your notebook. All the panels can be marked using dry erase markers.

Who should buy this product?

New and beginner debaters will find this Trivium Table invaluable. Challenge I students will particularly benefit as they begin to learn and practice team policy debate, and Challenge II students will find it very helpful as they begin Lincoln-Douglas debate.

Is Trivium Tables: Debate only for beginning debaters?

Although Trivium Tables: Debate was created with beginning debaters in mind, debaters of any level of proficiency can benefit from its use. While beginning students may concentrate on the definitions presented in the glossary and the correct forms of debate practice, the panels include helpful acronyms to help remind all students of the basics of evidence gathering and cross examination. All students will be happy for the inclusion of the Debate Etiquette Checklist, the Assessment Tools panel, and the "Is This Website Credible?" flowchart.

What is the Assessment Tools panel?

The Assessment Tools panel encourages qualitative assessment based on the five canons of rhetoric—invention, arrangement, exposition, memory, and delivery. Gone are unhelpful quantitative numbers for evaluation. Now judges have the tools to give students specific, encouraging comments for both content and delivery for all parts of the debate where the expectations have been clearly listed.

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